Communication: Have it your way!


I can’t remember which food chain used the “Have it your way” tagline.  However I do think it’s a quick and simple reminder for myself to work with clients the way they prefer to communicate.

An old friend of mine has purchased two homes over the past decade.  The second one coming this past year for him, his wife and new daughter as they made the shift from Fargo, ND to the St. Paul area.  There’s nothing special or significant about those details.  The part that is significant is that in both cases, we never once spoke.

With “Bart’s” job, he spends a lot of time in front of the computer and when he’s done with work for the day, we’re both knee deep in parenting. Something we both place a very high priority on. With the nature of his job and our evening schedules, it made sense for both of us to communicate by email.  I do spend a lot of time sending emails to almost all of my clients, but that usually coincides with personal visits or phone calls for a good portion of the process.  The emails tend to be a supplemental communication system.

With Bart, not 1 phone call…not one word spoken. We went from start to finish and finally spoke face to face at the closing.  It was great to see him again and spend the closing looking through the pictures of his budding family while he signed the final paperwork.

Oh, right.  My point.  I guess we can stop the rambling and move to that. Some clients live by email, some live by phone, some live by text and in any given scenario, using only one of these is never ideal.  The goal is to cater to your client in the best way possible and communicate with them on their terms.  When you find the right mix, it’s unforgettable for both you and your client.

With his permission, here’s a quote from our final email before the closing:  “Thank you so much on getting me the deal you did. Isn’t trust a wonderful thing? We had just about the whole thing done before even having a phone conversation.”


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