The home purchase I gave away.


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Joe and Julie Johnson (names changed for privacy) are long time clients of mine.  I helped them move back to Minnesota from Nebraska with their newborn twins.  When interest rates lowered, I helped them refinance their mortgage.  I also helped them refinance a second time to prepare for retirement once they had all of the other financial pieces in place.

When Joe called me up this past spring, he wanted to get approved for a new purchase. It was time to rehouse the growing family and this time they wanted to build a new home.  So I helped navigate the waters of negotiating with a builder, and walked them through the best way to put the mortgage together financially.   In this case, it was to refer Joe to a local bank instead of taking on the business myself.

Here’s why:  Joe found a builder who only builds one home at a time and cannot finance the construction process on his own.  This meant Joe would need to secure both a construction loan and an end loan.  If he did both separately, he would have to pay closing costs on both loans.  That would have been an additional $4,000-5000 that would be directed away from the kids college fund, or a really, really nice tree house in the backyard. There are still a few local banks that offer a ‘one time close’ loan and do it well. Unfortunately, that is not a product I can offer so I directed Joe where he needed to take his business to secure his best interest.   Joe still called me several times with questions and concerns just as he would have if we were working together and as always, I happily guided him in anyway I could.  Everything went smoothly and they moved into their new home mid summer.

In the meantime, interest rates took what looks to be one last drop lower so I called Joe and went over the options compared to his current mortgage, gave him a full analysis on where something like this would and would not be in his best interest.  After a long discussion, we determined that he would come out ahead within 12 months if he chose to refinance at the lower rate.

What I did not find out until we started work on the refinance is that when Joe told me his loan went ‘smoothly’ with the other lender is that he was embellishing a bit.  The reason he called me during the process was due to poor service he received.  He wanted answers in simple and plain English and I have always prided myself on translating financial jargon to an understandable language for clients.  It’s important for me to know that my clients always understand what they are doing and why, even if I’m not getting the business.

If Joe had not come back to refinance that quickly, he would have still called me the next time he had any need for refinancing or moving…or simply to ask a random housing question.  That’s what I’m here for.  It’s what I stand for and how I work with every single client I work with.

I truly have your best interest in mind.



An Introduction to Homes Mortgage….and Matt Royer.


Hello there!

I have been running a business blog for almost 7 years now.  So why start another one? Quite simply, I want to talk about my career on a more personal note and share stories about my career. Weekly rate updates are great for Realtor’s to keep track of, but the average homeowner isn’t going to find that information useful.

I’m nearing 16 years in a very tumultuous industry but would like to show the public that there are still ‘good’ guys here for you. I hope that by sharing my story my values will shine through.

There is a reason you don’t see a picture of me in a suit, turning my head to the side and smiling. You see my family because I view each and everyone of my clients in that light. Whether someone is buying a home for their very first time or their 5th, each and every person is as unique as each of my children.  It is an honor to get to know each person and help them attain their goals with my advice and guidance.

Over the next year, I plan on sharing a weekly story with you about how I help my clients. At the very least, I hope you find a few of them entertaining and in some cases, learn a little more about Mortgages, Home Purchases and Refinancing.  If you ever want to learn more about me, visit my website at

Until then take care,