Sell a house: Advice from the Mortgage World


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With the hot spring and summer market on it’s way out, I find this a good time to talk about selling homes…

First and foremost, find a great Realtor.  Second, many times a little mortgage advice can help increase the chances of selling your home by adding perspective to clients.

Joe and Julie Johnson (my defacto generic homeowner name to protect clients) purchased a very nice home in November and chose to buy before selling their current home.  With the slower purchase market it was taking longer than expected so I offered them a brief analysis they could offer to anyone that came to see the home in January.  The home sold in February and Julie called to thank me because the video I provided helped the buyers make the decision to buy now.

So what did I send her?  Nothing revolutionary.  With a lending environment where interest rates are rising and expected to rise throughout the year I put together a brief 3 minute video that could be emailed to any client.  This video walked the prospective buyer through their purchasing power in the current environment and what it could look like in the coming summer or fall.

With all the quibbles over a few thousand dollars here or there with a purchase price, helping new home buyers understand how much time factors into this equation, and how much will be lost financially by waiting until rates and home prices start to rise is a significant advantage to the home seller.  I try to help put each of my clients in the best position both before and after the mortgage itself. I believe in a lifelong commitment to each and every client.

Think the video can help you, a client or friend out?  Here it is, feel free to use this and pass it on to anyone you feel it can help:


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