Small town ideals: Where I’m from and who I am.


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I wanted to take a break from some of the client stories I’ve been sharing the past few weeks and share my distant background as I feel it directly shaped how I see the world.

I grew up in Winnebago, MN. The census states a population of 1400 people, I’d guess it’s more accurately under 1000 within the city limits. It’s a tiny town smack dab in the middle of southern Minnesota.  My grandparents still live there and my uncle runs the family business, a plumbing and heating shop over 55 years in the making.

All this to say that I grew up watching and learning how my family ran a business in such a small footprint successfully for so long and it’s taken the last 25 years to process and articulate what became an instinctive part of my personality.

To survive in a small town, it isn’t the flashy marketing that brings business in the door, it’s the individual relationships that you foster each day.  It’s the reciprocity of kindness and help, education and teamwork.  The proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” is the mentality of this town.  A town this small only survives on the premise of each person aspiring to be a part of the whole and pitching where they can to boost everyone up.  You don’t drive 15 miles to Wal-Mart to buy a birthday card when Nancy sells them at the grocery store. You support your friends and family and your town IS your family.

This is the same way I have built my business of 14 years.  By helping my clients succeed, I succeed in kind.  I always use the phrase, my clients are my family. I would do anything to help each and everyone of them whether it’s helping them set up a retirement account with a financial planner or referring other clients to their business.  I also offer advice and ask advice about parenting with my two young kids.

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