The Independence Day Blog: Family Values


Not every one of my blogs need be about mortgage’s.  Quite frankly, you’d get as bored reading them as I would writing them.  That wouldn’t be good for anybody.

Instead, I wanted to share a story with you.  The holiday’s always get me thinking about family. Good or Bad, we all have a lot of memories tied to recurring events.  Etched into the mind year after year.  But what about those memories that, in the moment, take your breath away?

How do we hold onto them? How do we ensure they don’t fade with time when our cell phone camera isn’t in our pocket?

These tiny bursts of pure enjoyment are so fleeting and powerful all the same. My wife and I try to take a moment each night to talk about the kids…not the daily to-do list, but the single happiest moment we had with each child over the course of the day.  It helps us remember the little things that we want to carry through the years in the midst of the bedtime routine that has us wondering why we became parents at times!

Two years back, my daughter would turn four in a week, was eating her breakfast and watching her favorite show while her brother and mom slept in.  I sat down and habitually checked my email, cup of coffee in hand, when Elle scooted over, took my phone out of my hand and laid her head on my shoulder. Needless to say, we sat and watched the rest of Jake and the Neverland Pirates together.

If you have ever experienced the “horrendous three’s” you will instantly understand how powerful that moment was.  For a brief second, there was no reprimanding, setting expectations, enjoying a moment of quiet only to realize that it’s just a bit tooooo quiet.

With all the responsibilities and distractions on the to-do list of a parent, sometimes all they want is you….until they need their juice 7 minutes later.

Have a great 4th and enjoy every sane moment with your family you get 🙂



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