An Introduction to Homes Mortgage….and Matt Royer.


Hello there!

I have been running a business blog for almost 7 years now.  So why start another one? Quite simply, I want to talk about my career on a more personal note and share stories about my career. Weekly rate updates are great for Realtor’s to keep track of, but the average homeowner isn’t going to find that information useful.

I’m nearing 16 years in a very tumultuous industry but would like to show the public that there are still ‘good’ guys here for you. I hope that by sharing my story my values will shine through.

There is a reason you don’t see a picture of me in a suit, turning my head to the side and smiling. You see my family because I view each and everyone of my clients in that light. Whether someone is buying a home for their very first time or their 5th, each and every person is as unique as each of my children.  It is an honor to get to know each person and help them attain their goals with my advice and guidance.

Over the next year, I plan on sharing a weekly story with you about how I help my clients. At the very least, I hope you find a few of them entertaining and in some cases, learn a little more about Mortgages, Home Purchases and Refinancing.  If you ever want to learn more about me, visit my website at

Until then take care,


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